Top 12 Vastu Tips For Business Growth

vastu tips for business growth

Top 12 Vastu Tips For Business Growth

If you want to increase your business then you have to follow these Vastu tips.

  1. It is very important for the north direction of your business to be Vastu compatible, your customers (opportunities) in your business come from the north direction only. North direction represents the water element, so do work related to water in the north direction. Vastu Tips For Business Growth
  2. If there are things related to fire (red color or electrical goods) or earth (heavy goods or storage) in the north direction, then you will not get opportunities i.e. your customers.
  3. By keeping the south-east angle in your business according to Vastu, you get to see good cash flow. Recovery of money is from South East. If credit is not available then you should increase the fire element in the southeast.
  4. Do not do water related work in South East. Blue, black or gray color representing water should not be in the southeast direction.
  5. More and more work should be done in your business by facing east direction.Vastu Tips For Business In Hindi
  6. West direction is the direction related to profit in your business, it should also be kept according to Vastu. Having red color in the west reduces your benefits
  7. Keeping North East auspicious in your business brings you new ideas/ innovation.
    To get success in your business, you must keep the statue of “Kamdhenu cow” (of Ashta metal), you can keep it wherever you want , it can be in the temple of your workplace or even on your office table..
  8. In order to keep your employees stable in your business, it is absolutely necessary that the North West should be Vastu compatible, the North West being cut ( missing ) does not allow the employees to last long, they keep coming and leaving.
  9. White color should be used in North West and not of any other color, black, blue or brown on special tours | Vastu Tips For Business Growth
  10. In the north-west, you should keep a tortoise of Ashta metal or brass, so that the employees in your business remain stable.
  11. In the North East, you can keep the documents of your employees, even this will put their mind on their work and your business will benefit.
  12. To spread your business abroad, a globe should be kept in the North-West.

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