10 Top Vastu Tips For Anger in 2024

vastu tips for anger

vastu tips for anger

Here we are giving you some top vastu tips for anger management.
By applying these vastu tips for anger you can reduce your anger very fast

So lets start…

1.     In astrology, mars is the planet behind your
anger In your horoscope, if planet mars is afflected (afflicted) then you are prone to get angry very
easily over very small things so please get your horoscope checked by some good
 to give you some remedies to correct your planet mars as this is
very important.

2.     In vastu, planet mars rules South direction so please
check your South direction if it is afflicted, or if any affliction is there in
South direction then the energy of bad Mars will affect in the form of anger,
you have to check certain things in south direction and these are (-) if any
water element is there in the South direction then you can get angry very soon
like drinking water in the South or any washing machine is there you will
get afflicted with Mars energy so remove these water elements from South as soon
as possible. vastu tips for anger

3.     In vastu, southeast is called “agni kon” and it represents fire element so if you are sleeping or your bedroom is in South East then you will get angry very oftenly so please remove your bedroom from south east. Never put mirror in Sout East direction to avoid hyper anger. At the same time avoid facing South East direction.

4.     Red is the colour of Mars and it represents fire element. If you have bad mars placement in your horoscope then avoid using red colour in your bedroom or the place where you spend more time. vastu tips for anger

5.     At your workstation or in office or on your office table don’t keep fiery element in the North East direction don’t use red colour table cover or table cloth at your office desk it will reduce your
temperament of anger. vastu tips for anger.

6.     Do not keep sharp edged furniture at your workplace or in your bedroom. If the corner of your furniture has sharp edges then the negative energy will affect you very easily and make you angry and make you feel really irritated.
. vastu tips for anger

7.     In your bedroom or at your workplace do not keep violent sceneries or pictures it will reduce your peace level and will make you more violent so please do not use any scenery that is pretending to be violent in any case like violent animals pictures or pictures showing any cruelty towards anybody should be avoided.

8.     Do not hyper the South East zone if your Mars is afflicted in anyway in your horoscope. You have to keep your South East zone balanced to avoid anger.

9.     According to vastu don’t sleep beneath any beam to avoid anger. 

10.  By keeping plants and fresh flowers you can reduce your anger where you get angry very soon.

Vastu tips for anger to be continued…..


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