10 Golden Vastu Tips For Advocate Office

Vastu Tips For Advocate Office

Vastu Tips For Advocate Office

If you are a lawyer or a judge or give legal advice in any way, then what should be your office according to Vastu for you, so that along with getting money, you can also get success in your career, then let us know. Here are 12 such Vastu Tips that you should adopt in your office.

1.The profession of advocacy is achieved only by the grace of the planet Mercury, if your planet Mercury is strong, then you can achieve a good position in your advocacy profession, for this you should take special care of the north direction of your office, similarly if you are a judge. If so, then you get to see the mixed effect of both the planet Mercury and the planet Jupiter, for this you need to keep the north-east direction of your office auspicious.
By setting up the Mercury Yantra in the north direction, you will get the special grace of the planet Mercury and your reasoning power will be strong, you will be able to achieve tremendous success in your advocacy profession, in the same way, if you want to get success as a judge, then you must Jupiter Yantra should be established in the north-east of the office i.e. in the north-east, by doing this you can get tremendous success in your profession.
2. Keeping the north direction clean is very important, this will give you new heights in your advocacy career. See how much your advocacy profession has improved. Vastu Tips For Advocate Office

3. By keeping green whole moong in a green cloth in the north direction on Wednesday, you will get special blessings of the planet Mercury and your Mercury which is in the north direction will also be activated, due to which you will get new opportunities daily. Similarly, if you are the judge, then you will see the benefit of keeping gram lentils tied in a yellow cloth in the north-east angle i.e. in the north-east on Thursday, as well as there will be four moons in your profession.
4. Your profession is related to law and order, Shani Dev is the judge among the planets, so you have to keep his direction west also free from Vastu defects, try in the west direction or do not allow any kind of Vastu defect to arise if someone in the west direction Even if there is a Vastu defect, then you will not be able to do justice well, due to which you may also have to face failure, so take special care of the west direction too.

5. Always keep in mind that the main gate of the office of the people associated with law and order should not be in any way in the south direction. Vastu Tips For Advocate Office


6. You can arrange your drinking water in North or Northeast. It is considered auspicious to have water in the north direction, because of this, mother Lakshmi will always reside in your office, keep the north direction light, keep it down, try green color in the north direction and you can also put any scenery showing water. |

7. The lawyer should sit in his office facing the north direction, due to this you will get the energy of Mercury and you will be able to be successful. If you are the judge then if you sit facing North East (North East) then you will get success in your career. Vastu Tips For Advocate Office
8. You have to make your seating arrangement in the south-west and arrange in such a way that you have to sit facing the north direction.

9. There should not be any kind of obstruction at the entrance of your office. If there is a blockage, remove it immediately.
10. If you are a lawyer then you should use green shade in your office. If you are the judge, then you should use yellow shade in your office, you can also use both these colors. Vastu Tips For Advocate Office

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