Vastu Shastra For Yoga Room 10 Top Vastu Tips For Yoga / Meditation Room

vastu shastra for yoga room

Vastu Shastra For Yoga Room

Vastu Shastra For Yoga Room :

  1. North East and center of any vastu is the most sacred place so Ideal place for yoga and meditation in your home is north east or center place.
  2. Don’t keep shoes in your yoga room.
  3. You shhould always keep your yoga room neat and clean and you can salt water mopping once in a week to boost positivity.
  4. Always try to keep natural materials in your yoga room such as plants etc.
  5. If you use candles in your yoga room or meditation room then try to keep them in east or south east direction accourding to vastu .
  6. You can make this place better by keeping peaceful images that sooths you well.
  7. Always open all the windows so that freash air can come acrose at the time of pranayama consider this practice.
  8. Accourding to vastu shastra yoga room should be vacent as much as so that the energy can flow without any hurdle
  9. Vastu shastra for yoga room recomends that placing idol of your divine god can help you to heal & rest fast.
  10. Vastu shastra for yoga room also recomends that placing a fregrent in yoga room can make this heavenly place.

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