10 Top Vastu Tips For West Facing House

vastu tips for west facing house

vastu tips for west facing house : Here we are suggesting you some important vastu tips for west facing house.

  1. The most important is your main entrance of your west facing house it should be in north west. avoid making main entrance in south west.
  2. Center of your West facing house that is brahm sthan shuold be free from any weight. Try to keep brahm sthan open. No construction should be there. It should be neat and clean at all time.
  3. Master bed room shuold be in the south west zone as south west zone’ element is earth that means stabilty in every manner.
  4. kitchen in west facing house should be in south-east or north-west zone. Try to cook food facing east in your west facing house.
  5. The slop of your west facing house shuold be towards east or north.
  6. If you want to make gust room then you should make it in north- west zone, never make guet room in south -west zone.
  7. Always do some prayer in your west facing house to remove all negetivity.
  8. Always try to keep south-west of your west facing house heavier then north or east.
  9. Overhead water tank should be placed in south , south west or west zone.
  10. Under ground water tank should be in north or north-east zone.

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