10 Top Vastu Tips For Visiting Card

Vastu Tips For Visiting Card

Vastu Tips For Visiting Card | Visiting Card Design As Per Astrology

Vastu Tips For Visiting Card : According to vastu shastra if you apply vastu principle to design your business vising card then it can bring more connections as well as business to you. So here we r suggesting some of the important points as per vastu to design your visiting card…

  1. Always keep the name in the top centre in your visiting card. Vastu Tips For Visiting Card
  2. The brand name or logo should be in the north east of the card that is top of the left side of your visiting card
  3. The size of your card should be normal or you can use rectangular shape. Avoid using irregular shapes for your business visiting card.
  4. Preferable you should use colour for visiting card white or cream. But you can use according to your name rashi or as per business also. Vastu Tips For Visiting Card
  5. Always try to keep address in bottom right corner of your visiting card.
  6. Contact no. can be place bottom left of your visiting card
  7. Centre of the visiting card should be kept blank. Vastu Tips For Visiting Card
  8. Company name should be at the bottom centre of your business vising card.
  9. Colour for names should be blue, green or black.
  10. Colour for contact details may be red or grey.

Now apply these vastu tips for visiting card and attract more clients and business. If you have any questions you can ask we will try to reply you. Thank for bring with us. Vastu Tips For Visiting Card

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