10 TOP Vastu Tips For Wall Clock At Home

Vastu Tips For Wall Clock At Home

Vastu Tips For Wall Clock At Home | Vastu Tips For Wall Clock At Home

Vastu Tips For Wall Clock At Home : Your clock can change your luck and time so apply these vastu tips for wall clock at home or every place where you keep wall clock

  1. Best directions for wall clock is east and north. You can keep wall clock at west wall in case you don’t find place in eastern or northern wall.
  2. You should always choose colour of wall clock according to the wall direction that is if you r using northern wall then you can choose green frame of your wall or if you are choosing eastern wall then the frame colour can be of orange or golden like fire.
  3. Always remember time of every clock in the house should be same.
  4. Avoid keeping stopped clocks in your house.
  5. Avoid keeping clocks which are displaying wrong time. Every wall clock should display correct time.
  6. Glass of your wall clock should be neat and clean, no dust should be there.
  7. Always keep wall clock that sounds soothing and calm music.
  8. Pendulum clocks are best to keep in house they always represent movement so by keeping them in your house can create good energies.
  9. Avoid keeping wall clocks at southern walls of your house.
  10. Always keep your wall clock in working order to enhance positive energies

Well apply these principle of vastu for wall clock at your home and get positive energies and make your life best.

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